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Trojan 6V (Black Box) deep cycle battery, 220Ah/20h capacity.

Trojan 6V (Black Box) deep cycle battery, 220Ah/20
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MagnaCharge offers durable and reliable products at competitive rates. With the changing market and costs of manufacturing, MagnaCharge has launched the GC-225: a 6 volt 220 amp battery that has superior performance while meeting the budgets of both you and your customers.


  • 6 volt battery
  • 220 Ah at 20 hour rate
  • 1 year warranty
TypeLead acid
Capacity 20 hour220 Ah
Width26.35 cm 10 3/8''
Height27.62 cm 10 7/8''
Depth18.09 cm 7 1/8''
Weight28 kg 61,6 lbs
Warranty1 year