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15-SW034Primus Wind Power 3-ELOT-1147-02
10A breaker for 24V AIR Breeze and AIR 40 wind turbines and 48V AIR 30 wind turbine
15-SW035Primus Wind Power 3-ELOT-1147-03
20A breaker for 12V AIR Breeze Marine and AIR 40 wind turbines and 24V AIR 30 and AIR X Marine wind turbines
15-SW036Primus Wind Power 3-ELOT-1147-04
40A breaker for 12V AIR 30 and AIR X Marine wind turbines
15-SW037Primus Wind Power 1-TWW-12-02
36" Primus galvanised earth augers
15-SW038Primus Wind Power 1-TWA-20-02
9' Primus AIR Marine Aluminum mast and stays set (Whitout Stern mount marine tower hardware kit 15-SW006)
15-SW039Primus Wind Power 1-TWA-19-01
Primus Roof mount kit with seal
15-SW040Primus Wind Power 1-TWA-19-02
Primus Roof mount kit without seal
15-SW041Primus Wind Power 2-TWA-100
Primus Roof seal kit
15-SW042Primus Wind Power 2-ARCT-103-01
AirBreeze replacement circuit
15-SW043Primus Wind Power 2-ARBL-101-01
AIR 30 and Air X Marine set of replacement blades